quand ca va pas...

ca va pas!

from Jose Alvarez (Dpr)

 "I'm sorry this order is taking an extended time. Your order is complete but it needs to be balanced together.  I'm having major problems with my balancing machine and I'm having trouble finding the replacement parts. I hope to have it fixed in a short period of time so I can finish your order.
I will let you know when I send your order. 
Thank you for your patience."

from Manuel (A1)

" Your header was damaged in transit. We are having another re-coated and are expecting it back late next week.Sorry for the delay" Tiger

from Tims...

7447 $ and no answer...Horreur !

from WPK, 04/22/08

"Numéro de la commande : 5236

Date de votre commande : mardi 08 janvier, 2008

WPK Racing-Shop vous informe du suivi de votre commande, pour toute question, merci de répondre à cet email

Votre commande a été mise à jour: Commande expédiée Délais 48h "

Ah bin comme quoi!!

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